simple parallax images

What is this jQuery plugin for?

simpleParallax is a simple and lightweight jQuery plugin that gives your website parallax animations on the images.

How to use it

Giving the following HTML:

<img class="thumbnail" src="src/image.jpg" alt="image">

Simply add the following jQuery code:

simple parallax images
simple parallax images
simple parallax images


Find below the different settings you can apply to simpleParallax:

orientationupchoose the parallax orientation effect - up, right, down or left
scale1.2choose the scale ratio - need to be above 1.0

You can apply these settings with the following jQuery code:

 $('img').simpleParallax({scale: '1.30', orientation: 'down'});

Good to know

simple parallax images

Is there a problem? Or maybe you want to add something? Feel free to fork simpleParallax or post an issue.